Body Transformation Program

Body Transformation Program

Enough with this culture of more, more, more.... if its not extreme its not enough to get results. The truth is you need to have a nutritional plan that compliments your body type and a basic foundation of strength and mobility that allows you to train safely for years to come. Then and only then you can up the intensity and seriously increase your metabolic demand to melt the fat and build the body you love to look at in the mirror.

With a great plan, great fundamentals and a great group supporting you you'll get the results you want!

As Seen on NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS affiliates throughout the country!

Personalized instruction makes this your workout.

Group training sessions keep you motivated & accountable. Decater Performance Adult Fitness takes metabolic conditioning to the next level using progression & regression strategies to get maximum results, while focusing on injury prevention. Right from the start you’ll see how this system is different from anything else you’ve tried before.

Membership Includes:

icon_healthPersonalized Assessments

- FMS (Functional Movement Screen) screening during your first week so you can stay healthy and moving towards your goals
- Targeted muscle building programs for those “problem areas”
- Soft tissue and corrective exercise manuals

icon_nutritionExpert Nutrition Coaching

- A nutrition system that builds healthy eating habits for a lifetime
- Advanced nutrition for specific body composition goals

icon_scienceMotivation & Support

- A copy of the best-selling book co-authored by Derek Decater: Results Fitness
- Weekly emails on exercise and nutrition
- Unlimited support. Call, email or text Derek anytime for support or to simply answer a question

Schedule (For New Facility)

The schedule for our new facility will be as follows-

Monday through Friday 5:30, 6:30, 9:30, 12:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00

Saturday – 7:00-Noon

Read our members’ success stories:

Lee Ann



picisto-20140301130632-846089 Achieved 10.5% Body Fat
Climbed Mt. Rainier




Reborn Athlete
Lost 25 Lbs.
Improved Golf Game




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