High School/College Training

  • - Athletes train to improve their performance on the field and on the court
  • - Sports Performance programs for athletes should be designed with the above in-mind.  We don't train our athletes to be great lifters.....we train them to be great athletes
  • - Most all athletes need to be stronger period.  All the extra "cool" exercises are not a priority for most young athletes. 
  • - Speed and power will come after strength.  This isn't to say you should not train speed and power throughout your training.
  • - Technique is a skill just as sports are a skill.  Athletes must spend time learning the skill before the rewards will seen.
  • - All sports have there specific adaptations.  To be great at a sport requires adapting to its demands.  This means many of our athletes will present with imbalances.  Some are good, some are not.
  • - Most high school athletes need some mobility and breathing work to help them keep a balanced, athletic body and to maximize their training.
  • - Above all the goal is simple... progress properly without skipping steps, help athletes be more athletic and keep it fun



Youth Athlete Training 

  • -  Kids don't move/play enough
  • -  Kids are "persuaded" to specialize in one sport much earlier than in years past.  This has its pros and its cons.  From a skill standpoint its a positive.  From an athletic standpoint its clear its a negative.
  • -  We see kids who are highly "skilled" and very un-athletic because of the shift in youth sports
  • -  Because of the above we believe...
    • -  Exposure to strength and conditioning should start as soon as possible
    • -  Basic fundamental skills must be developed as soon as possible.
    • -  Young athletes training shoulder address as many movements as possible
    • -  The program should prepare them for future training.... its not always about being better this year (the goal shouldn't be to be the best 10 year old in the country)
    • -  Training should be fun and fast paced
    • -  Exercises should fit the physical development of the kids....not a watered down adult program
    • -  Kids should be able to control their own body weight at low speeds then work to control their bodies at high speeds
    • -  Teach, coach and inspire work ethic....it goes a long way in the life of an athlete 

To skip these fundamentals is no different than holding your kids back a grade in school but then giving them the same test as their similarly aged peers. The test is the game and practice -


We Specialize in small group training

If you've been exposed to the new trend of large team training sessions then you've seen that you get what you pay for.  We don't do generic programs meant to fit the masses.  Instead we take small groups of dedicated athletes and develop a training program that fits the their needs and their goals while taking into account their age, training age, health history, goals, sport, and current phase of training (in-season, off-season etc)