Sports Performance Academy
Our Academy is designed to fit the needs of dedicated high school athletes.  All aspects of training will be covered from strength, speed, power, conditioning and injury prevention.

We believe in a long term approach to athletic development and our programs are designed with that in mind.  We will take you from where you are at today and progress you through a personalized program to get you where you need to be.



Preparation Program (Ages 12-14)
Our youth program is for athletes ages 12-14 who are looking to set a solid foundation for years of training to come.  We train our youth athletes at a pace and intensity that is appropriate for their developing bodies and do not sacrifice health for performance.

We strongly believe in a long term athletic development approach to training.  Our only goal is to set a foundation of quality, not quantity, in their movement and strength skill.

College Athletes
Our college program is tailored to fit your needs and your schedule. Whether you are in town for the off-season or needing in-season training we will work with you to structure a program to meet your goals. 

We provide unlimited access to the facility for our college athletes looking to take their skills to the next level.  



Nutrition can be a skill that sets you apart from your competition. We are here to help guide you through the maze of nutrition information and help you find a plan that maximizes your training and recovery.

We can help design protocols for those needing to gain weight/muscle mass, lose weight/maintain muscle mass as well as game day nutrition and recovery nutrition. 


RMR Testing

For many of our athletes gaining weight can be a struggle.  For some athletes losing weight can be.  In both cases we offer a simple 20 min RMR test to measure your resting metabolic rate.  With this information we are better equipped to provide athletes and their families with specific daily calorie consumption recommendations that will get the results your are looking for.



V02 Testing

With our KORR CardioCoach Plus athletes can finally gain insight into their exact physiology.  Whether you are training for aerobic/endurance sports or are looking to increase your Anaerobic Threshold to go harder for longer in your sport our testing protocol can give you the answers you need to ensure your training is specific, efficient and getting you closer to your goals.


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